Sunday, July 13, 2008


chris left for sioux falls today and left his camera here, so i took a couple pictures. i love point and shoots. i took a picture of my lavender and of this plant i have growing which looks a lot like an artichoke in bloom, but i actually have no idea what it is. i bought it at paul's back in april. it wasn't labeled, but it was so cute, i just had to get it. the picture is blurry, but you get the idea. my herb garden didn't work out as planned, mostly because it was so cold all spring and then when i finely sowed my seeds, it rained for two days straight and washed them away. i should have started them indoors, but i figured it was warm enough to just plant them in the ground. hopefully, i won't have to learn that lesson twice. i took a picture of our aging kitchen sink. there is no story behind this one. i did the dishes and clicked it. a few weeks ago there was a violent wind storm that ripped up our apple tree. it was actually fortunate. the apple tree was leaning east because of the constant wind from the west over the years. well, the tree was ripped up by the roots and so uncle chris and my dad got a stake and some rope and set the tree straight. oh, and i have officially seen every episode of the "the o.c." and have subsequently adopted a new fix: "battle star galactica". yeah, thats sort of like giving up drinking for cocaine. lord help me. i have ordered some books on health care policy, which are essentially text books and whose authors are objective in their analysis. this is just what i am looking for straight facts. no coke. no tonic. i have my own.

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