Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fuax "paw"

i just finished watching joe biden's speech and man, he brought down the house. i was like "fuck yeah! this is the dude i want as obama's v.p. what a bad ass team." then jill biden came out on stage and introduced a surprise guest. it was obama. he went to go kiss her on the cheek and uh oh! he kissed her on the lips! i was squealing in my seat. oh my!oh my! rachael and i were so scared to rewind it and see if it really happened, but finally we did and it went like this: silence.. silence...silence..[kiss]"OHHHHHNOOOOO! NOOO!! NOOO! NO!" oh! i was so embarrassed for him and for it to happen right after that great speech... you could tell the pundits were uncertain if they really saw what they just saw. they didn't mention it, but you could hear it in their voices. obama was sort of thrown off by it.

these things happen though and you just got to keep on like nothing happened. biden verbally bloodied the nose of McCain, though. the best speech of all the convention.

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