Wednesday, February 18, 2009

easy, cheap, and good

or, good, easy, and cheap. or, cheap, easy, and good.

edamame soup.

this recipe is a variant of several recipes for edamame soup. this isn't really even a recipe, it is more like a set of guidlines. everything is approximate.

you will need:

garlic cloves
a small onion
two small potatoes
a bag of frozen edamame (or fresh, if you are so lucky). i prefer the American grown edamame over chinese edamame, as heavy metals and industrial byproducts offend me.
a can of chicken broth
some sea salt (kosher, of course)
olive oil or left over bacon fat (i prefer the fat leftover from cooking five pieces of bacon for this particular recipe)

slice your garlic and onions. peel your potatoes.

put you olive oil or bacon fat in the pan. heat it up.

throw your garlic and onions in the pan. turn the heat down a little. you don't want to burn the stuff.

dice your potatoes. throw them in the pan and sprinkle some sea salt on on them.

while the potatoes are grilling, boil your edamame for six minutes.

when your edamame is done cooing drain, peel, and finally grill it.

let grill for a few minutes and then add a can of chicken broth.

let simmer long as you fell like.

pepper to taste.

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