Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a fine time

memorial weekend was fun. i think this is the first memorial weekend i have ever spent in a truly American fashion.happy three day weekend
friday, chris got off early (which never happens). then, tyler came over early in the afternoon and so did uncle chrih. we hung out in the the yard blasting tunes and dancing with madeleine. we stayed up and conversated into the wee hours.
the next morning we drove to jarbidge. madeleine was sleeping a half an hour in to the drive and we just took the prehistoric landscape in. tyler was a great guide, he knew the names of the ranches along the way and every cool spot and even the types of clouds in the sky and what sort of weather they signaled.

it was an amazing feeling to look for miles and miles and see nothing and no one. i wonder why that is? why humans love that sort of solitude? you know, that solitude that can only be found in the middle of a dessert while looking at far off, distant horizons? especially, when you have a smart phone enabled with gps, a 4-wheel drive vehicle, plenty of water, your loved ones, and a digital camera. ahhhh! it is a good feeling, indeed.

then we reached the bombing range.

these boy were great models. they captured the "watch for falling bombs chic" perfectly.

then on to the mountains.

j mountain

i was in awe of the rive canyon we drove down into.

i have never seen anything like it. i was ridiculously smitten with the place. when we got to jarbidge i had high expectations that the people would be as wonderful as the landscape and i and everyone else was terrible disappointed. we couldn't get out of the town fast enough. terrible food, drunken folks driving ATV's, etc.

a pale impression of the real thing

anyway, it was a wonderful weekend despite the creepy mountain town. i wish i could share more pix, but flickr is won't let me upload any pix today (probably becuase there are so many assholes uploading pix from their drunken memorial day weekend).
i am not like them though-- i am me. so i am different than others.

as always, sorry for my poor grammar, my anti-semantics, and missing words (usually i leave out the following: the, as is, there, etc.)

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