Wednesday, June 24, 2009


so, i like wyoming. it's not that bad of a place. even evanston isn't that bad. the people aren't super-nice, like in the south, but they aren't a-holes like certain people in certain towns in idaho can be. they seem to be used to transients. and everyone in evanston seems to know each other even though it is a sizable town (relatively speaking). when i was in wal-mart (i am boycotting them, i swear. just as soon as it's convenient for me to do so.) there were people that knew the employees well and struck up conversations. this happened four different times whilst i was in wal-mart. i also like how there is a liquor store on every street. and that they are all drive-thru liquor stores. we went for a drive and came upon a town (population 150) and there were three liquor stores in the town. i thought that shit was hilarious. the state really is buck wild (relatively speaking)and there is something refreshing about that. i didn't get any liquor store pix. or fast food pix. or broke down trailer pix. (some documentarian i am.) here it is:

truck run. if you look closely you will see some one has used it and they went quite a ways.

chris' mind is blown by the historical marker in soda springs

i was trying to make the hills look miniature too bad i forget about the blur the speed of a car would cause. mountain view, wyoming.

sort of helps. not really though.

through a car window. like most everything else.

mama bear.

waving at a chick biker in evanston

reflection in the glass of a genuine red london phone booth in the middle of evanston.

the ride home.

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