Friday, April 25, 2008

i'm so vain and its no fun.

sometimes i think i might be suffering from alzheimers. i just can't remember anything. things my mom and sister remember from growing up. what ever happened to my sewing machine. news anchors names. what i am talking about. the location of my keys. and fuck, you know what i can't remember what the hell else i can't remember, but i know i've forgotten lots. i wonder if it bothers some people that i type in all smalls in my blog and on myspace. its funny, because when i write, i write in all caps. i am nervous about going to the wedding, because i'll just be uncomfortable and self-conscious the whole time. everyone will ask "how do you know the bride and groom?" and i'll say i'm engaged to the groom's brother chris. and then they'll say "really? hmm. wow." and then they will go around saying "i never would have figured. i'm mean he is so handsome and she is, well... you know." and then the other hypothetical guest will say "maybe she's funny." and the first hypothetical guest will grimace and shake her head no.

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