Wednesday, April 16, 2008

tales from the wind farm

ahh! the wind is relentless. this sunday it was so nice out. i was able to take Madeleine outside for the first time and later that day she laughed for the first time. it was bliss. i have been able to get into a book for the first time since i gave birth. the book is an auto biography by Katharine Hepburn . her great uncle was the founder of the corning glass company. how weird is that. i think that is why i am enjoying it so much. but the past few days the wind has not stopped. 40 mph constantly. i shouldn't complain because if it weren't for the wind Chris wouldn't have such a good job on the wind farm. they say the wind in ones face makes one wise. if this is true i am a sage. i need seeds for my garden. i need to sign up for school too. the debates were on tonight. i was non-plussed, that is, aside from wanting to waterboard Hillary Clinton.

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