Friday, October 10, 2008

show off your spirit animal for only $19.95

chris has been picking up these animals shirts at d&b supply and i think he is slightly ahead of the curve.

this is one of the coolest animal shirts, but unfortunately it is sold out.

Madeleine and Rachael wear animal shirts too; though young they be hip.

this dude and his shirt are finds of face hunter, one of my favorite blogs. click to see.


  1. I have been looking for animal shirts like that 'round these parts but it's been tough to find any good ones. Glad to know they're readily available out where you guys live.

  2. Chris is indeed The Lone Wolf. Hounded from the pack for just doin' his thing. It's not fair. But life's not fair and Chris knows it. He's not angry he just keeps on keepin' on. It's a long road and a dark night. He'll find his way home some day. Stay strong brother.

  3. I also appreciate that the shirts are not distressed. Thank you. I was getting tired.

  4. yeah, that distressed look is worn out. but, you can't blame those who sport such tee's, for they are victims of the system, we can only blame them for being victims and for wearing flip-flops and pukka shells in concert with the distressed t-shirts from old navy.